Phenian: Coreea de Nord accepta pacea cu Sudul si reunificarea tarii. China nu se opune - Ziaristi OnlineZiaristi Online

Phenian: Coreea de Nord accepta pacea cu Sudul si reunificarea tarii. China nu se opune

DPRK Releases Joint Statement on Peace and Reunification

Pyongyang, January 5 (KCNA) — The DPRK government, political parties and organizations at a joint meeting convened as regards the grave situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula and between the north and the south discussed important issues of settling it and opening a new phase for peace and reunification and released a joint statement on Jan. 5.

In the joint statement, they set forth the following important proposal to the south Korean authorities, political parties and organizations, prompted by their patriotic decision to usher in a new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity, reflecting the unanimous will of all Koreans for peace and reunification:

1. We courteously propose having wide-ranging dialogue and negotiations with the political parties and organizations of south Korea including its authorities.

It is the review of the past three years that the issue of inter-Korean relations can never be solved by confrontation but it only sparks off an armed clash and war.

In order to mend the north-south relations now at the lowest ebb we will conduct positive dialogue and negotiations with the political parties and organizations of south Korea including its authorities, be they authorities or civilians, ruling parties or opposition parties, progressives or conservatives.

We call for an unconditional and early opening of talks between the authorities having real power and responsibility, in particular.

2. We are ready to meet anyone anytime and anywhere, letting bygones be bygones, if he or she is willing to go hands in hands with us.

For the great cause of the nation present is more important than yesterday and tomorrow is dearer than present.

The danger of war will be defused and the day of peace, reunification and prosperity be brought earlier when all Koreans assert in concert and pool their wisdom and efforts.

3. We will discuss and solve all the issues related to the important matters of the nation including detente, peace, reconciliation, unity and cooperation at dialogue, negotiations and contacts.

The north and the south are called upon to sincerely approach the discussion on the issues related to the important issues of the nation irrespective of partisan interests and strategy and isms and make positive efforts to seek agreed points to the maximum.

4. As an immediate offer, we propose discontinuing to heap slanders and calumnies on each other and refraining from any act of provoking each other in order to create an atmosphere of improving the inter-Korean relations.

Dialogue and negotiations cannot be properly conducted nor can they make smooth progress even if the north and south sit at the negotiating table when mud-slinging and provocative acts against each other are allowed.

We call on the north and the south to refrain from now from the smear campaign and provocative act of deepening misunderstanding and distrust and inciting confrontation and hostility.

Consistent is our stand to improve the inter-Korean relations, promote national reconciliation and unity and open a landmark phase of peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and negotiations.

The government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK express expectation that the authorities, political parties and organizations of south Korea will positively respond to their sincere proposal and appeal for weathering the crisis on the peninsula and between the north and the south. They also call on all the Koreans at home and abroad, all governments, political parties and organizations in the world, international organizations and progressive people that love justice, truth and peace to extend warm support and solidarity to them.


On november 30th, FT Asia informed that China could accept Korean unification

A progressive new generation of Chinese officials is telling international counterparts that Beijing could ultimately accept the Korean peninsula unifying under Seoul’s control, according to leaked US diplomatic dispatches.

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  1. totedati

    prostii! visele erotice ale unor idioți … occidentali … pe deasupra și geostrategi! … mai mult ca sigur și-au luat doctoratele în geostrategie cam ca ponta … victoraș …

    NKP Rep va începe să ia în calcul o eventuală reunificare pașnică cu coreea de sud doar după ce vor începe implementarea elementelor economiei de piață, făcute în stil chinez și cu ajutorul chinei … adică economia NKR se va conecta și integra destul de mult economic cu cea chineză înainte de a începe încălzirea relatiilor cu restul lumii, cu coreea de sud, cu sua și japonia, etc …

    de ce? din cauza lipsei de încredere în intențiile sincere ale occidentului pentru o reunificare pașnică a peninsulei coreene … pentru că elita comunistă din NKPR înțelege prin reunificare pașnică măcar securizarea viitorului ei, al elitei comuniste, în noua configurație economică și politică, în noul stat!

    și nu prea au garanții că se poate așa ceva, exemplul urss nu dă prea multe speranțe, decît dacă deschiderea economică și reformele se fac în stil chinez nu cum sa prăbușit vechiul bloc sovietic! … iar controlul deschiderii în stil chinez e posibilă doar prin dezvoltarea relațiilor economice cu china nu direct cu coreea de sud sau oricare alte state din blocul de interese patronat de licuriciul american …

    de aceea toate încercările de deschidere și contact economic direct, fără intermediari, între cele două republici coreene sunt sortite eșecului … și au fost destul de multe!

    cum deschiderea economică a NKPR chiar și față de china e la cote minime, și acum sunte deja la jumătatea lui 2012, timidă și sovăielnică, mai trebuie să treacă ceva timp, și noua orientare să înceapă a produce rezultate palpabile de creștere economică fără derapaje sociale și tulburări, înainte de a începe deschiderea reală și față de restul lumii, de coreea de sud șamd …

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