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Unul dintre stapanii din umbra ai Romaniei, escrocul international Marc Rich, expus colateral in investigatia OffshoreLeaks

marc rich george soros“Cea mai mare investigatie media din lume” – Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact, realizata de The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – se ocupa si de cazul unuia dintre stapanii din umbra ai Romaniei, aflat totodata si pe lista celor mai mari evazionisti pe plan mondial, si care, la randul lui, s-a ocupat si de scolirea unuia dintre fostii premieri-marioneta ai Romaniei (Ghici Kobe ungureasca cine-i?). Mai concret, investigatia o priveste, de fapt, pe fosta sotie a miliardarului Marc Rich, Denise Rich. Ziaristi Online prezinta fragmentul cu referire la escrocul international care invarte Romania la proptap, pe numele lui Marcell David Reich (foto stanga). Primul link de mai jos face trimitere catre un adevarat tom al ilegalitatilor lui Marc Rich, din care nu lipseste Romania. Din pacate pentru aceasta investigatie atat de laudata, nivelul ei, in ce-l priveste pe Rich si afacerile lui in Romania, se opreste la anii ’80 – ”90. Cu toate acestea este de folos in ce priveste relatiile lui pe aceasta planeta:

“Among nearly 4,000 American names is Denise Rich, a Grammy-nominated songwriter whose ex-husband was at the center of an American pardon scandal that erupted as President Bill Clinton left office.

A Congressional investigation found that Rich, who raised millions of dollars for Democratic politicians, played a key role in the campaign that persuaded Clinton to pardon her ex-spouse, Marc Rich, an oil trader who had been wanted in the U.S. on tax evasion and racketeering charges.

Records obtained by ICIJ show she had $144 million in April 2006 in a trust in the Cook Islands, a chain of coral atolls and volcanic outcroppings nearly 7,000 miles from her home at the time in Manhattan.

The trust’s holdings included a yacht called the Lady Joy, where Rich often entertained celebrities and raised money for charity.

Rich, who gave up her U.S. citizenship in 2011 and now maintains citizenship in Austria, did not reply to questions about her offshore trust.”

Sursa: ICIJ

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  1. Renata Otv Liber

    Exemple multe…..masuri putine,sau mai bine zis,aproape deloc! Romania, a ajuns in 23 de ani, tara tuturor infractorilor de oriunde! Rusine guvernantilor!!!

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