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Maresalul Antonescu voia sa imparta aurul BNR romanilor ca sa nu ajunga pe mana rusilor. Raportul Secret al agentului Intelligence Service AGG de Chastelain. PREMIERA

2. Regele a afirmat ca Antonescu a respins ideea ca Romania aste o natiune invinsa si ca atare nu mai era in situatia de a pune ea conditii de capitulare. Antonescu sustinea ca Romania nu putea sa aiba incredere in Uniunea Sovietica dar regele impartasea parerea ca ei au fost nevoiti sa aiba incredere in Soviete si ca el isi asuma intreaga responsabilitate procedand astfel.

23 AUGUST 1944 – DE TREI ORI TRADARE. Cuvantul lui Antonescu si noi documente secrete despre Regele Mihai. EXCLUSIV

Sir. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen – 22 nd August 1944 – TOP SECRET – I have seen President of the Council. The situation is very grave. In two days the Russians will have occupied Bessarabia. They are also advancing in other countries. Can Turkey mediate between ourselves and belligerent. Anglo-American armies? I have the consent of the Marshal[1], the King and heads of all the opposition parties. I appeal for an answer within 24 hours from the Britsh and United States Governments to the following points.