"Imposibilul Roncea" porneste pe un nou drum. “Impossible Roncea” is preparing for a new journey. VIDEO - Ziaristi OnlineZiaristi Online

“Imposibilul Roncea” porneste pe un nou drum. “Impossible Roncea” is preparing for a new journey. VIDEO

Nicolas J. Roncea presents his new project entitled “Eight”: a preview of this triple album is available directly on YouTube

  After the favorable reception of “Old Toys,” Nicolas J. Roncea embarks on a challenging and ambitious journey: starting on January, every two weeks, Nicolas will be presenting a sneak preview of every track from “Eight,” a project divided into three parts, each of which consists of eight tracks. The three albums produced by Pol Bergese will be available for free download for those who subscribe to the YouTube channel (free subscription) and in a handmade limited edition CD by the artists Mr. and Mrs. Layne for Goat Man Records and Waves for The Masses. The videos will be shot with the collaboration of Roberto Ruzzi. Upon the completion of the project, which Roncea will overlook for several months, a vinyl record containing the best ten tracks (chosen by the listeners) will be released. Each album will also feature a tribute to a great international artist. The project will bring together diverse musicians who have followed Nicolas throughout the past years.

Watch the teaser and subscribe to the YouTube channel


“I think that the goal of those who make music like me, more than the self-satisfaction of creating, is actually to be heard by as many people as possible, regardless of the feedback that you may receive. The interest for live music (niche music), has fallen dramatically – the vast majority of fans listen to music almost exclusively on Spotify or YouTube, a ascertained truth that we are all aware of by now. I am proud of the last songs that I have written and think that trying out a new approach – incorporating a never-used before instrument – could be a good way to get the attention of those who may never attend one of my concerts and thus, expand my horizons. Obviously, I will never stop performing live because the thrill that you get on the stage is unique and unparalleled.” (Nicolas J. Roncea)


Bio in brief

Nicolas J. Roncea is a songwriter who writes in English, although French-born and raised in Italy. He has gotten rave reviews from critics and appreciation from the audience with “Old Toys,” an album released in 2012 which features Marta sui Tubi, Verdena, Perturbazione, and others. After transitioning to the radio and TV channels like Italia2 and MTV, Roncea has been touring throughout Italy. Soon after, the EP entitled “Impossible Roncea” was released for the London-based Yo!netlabel, a free download that has aroused much interest and which has been highly-acclaimed abroad. Roncea is now preparing for the long journey of “Eight,” a trilogy of 8 tracks per disc, which will be available for preview on YouTube and then eventually downloadable free of charge from the web.

Nicolas Joseph Roncea

L i n k




C o n t a c t s


Info → nicolasjroncea@gmail.com
Label → goatmanrecords@gmail.com

Booking → booking@libellulamusic.it
Press → vavavumapress@gmail.com

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