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Ciocnirea Sovieto-Romana pentru Istorie, Identitate si Suveranitate. Larry Watts pentru Woodrow Wilson Center – Cold War International History Project. DOC/ENG

More surprising is the Soviet conviction in 1979 and 1980 that Romania was actively “supporting, aligning and exploiting” the line of the US administration, “deviating” towards the US, and even evaluating favorably the activities of President Jimmy Carter. (Document 2, Document 3, Document 4)

CIA desecretizeaza Razboiul Rece. Noi documente puse pe masa istoricilor din arhivele Ronald Reagan – William Casey

“Intelligence is about creating and adjusting stories; questions not asked or stories not imagined by policy are not likely to be developed by intelligence. Perfect accuracy should not be expected from intelligence when oftentimes policymaker focus is not in the right place and the right questions are not asked.”

EXCLUSIV. Apare cartea lui Larry Watts. O conferinta WWC-CIA care spune multe: Romania si Ceausescu vs Pactul de la Varsovia si dezinformarea strategica a KGB. DOCUMENT / VIDEO / UPDATED

“With Friends Like These … The Soviet Bloc´s Clandestine War Against Romania” (volumul I) cu varianta de titlu “Fereşte-mă, Doamne, de prieteni!…”, va fi lansata in premiera in limba romana, exact peste o saptamana, joi, 12 Mai, la Biblioteca Centrala Universitara, orele 1600, urmand sa mai aiba loc o lansare la Targul de Carte, pe 28 Mai.